Thursday, 1 February 2018

Would It Be Possible To Add A PoE Harbour Bridge Map

In Path of Exile, GGG always bring us surprise and challenge, and we also bring players cheap poe orbs. Recently, most of players hope that GGG can add a Harbour Bridge map to the endgame. So, would it be possible to do?

The Solaris and Lunaris fight is one of players' favorite ones in the campaign, with majestic day/night changes in the fight, beautiful terrain hazards such as Solaris burning the ground while Lunaris fights you, and generally aesthetically pleasing attacks from the bosses like Solaris shooting sunbeams out of her shield and Lunaris making meteors fall.

The "gods coming to life from a statue" part really impressed players the first time they went through the fight too, and it's much better than fighting a stereotypical giant spider in a stereotypical dungeon in Act 7. The outside area is really good too with the two factions fighting each other against the background of the harbour.

Most of players were really looking forward to seeing this being added into maps with 3.1, but it didn't happen. There's only an obscure unique map where you can just facerush the boss (and you can't even fight both) and kill her without really caring about the mechanics.

Some of players think that if GGG add a Harbour Bridge map to the endgame so you can do the fight again, and please make it a T15 map too so that getting a T15 Elder for the final Shaper's Orb is less of a complete PITA. They think that its their favorite fight but they only get to do it once on each character.

Sure, maybe those ideas have problems, but that's what testing and iteration is for. GGG are not doing it is because they don't think it's worth the time, or don't think it aligns with their design philosophies. However, this is only my guess, and I believe GGG has been working hard to bring us a better gaming experience.

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